SSS: What’s Scone On?


Ohhh how I love scones. I’ve probably only had them once…maybe twice since starting WW two years ago. I miss Espresso Royale’s raspberry almond scones like nobody’s business. I might have to add ER to my “Tour of C-U Foods” this summer.

So, today, I decided it’s high time I make some dang scones. Cherry Almond Scones. Paul and I split one shortly after they came out of the oven. While they were delicious, the consistency was more like that of a biscuit rather than a scone. When I took these pictures, though, it seemed they had firmed up a bit. Either way, they’ll be really delicious. I have no doubt about that.

Now I’ll just need to make some cappuccinos to go with…. Medium skim sugar-free almond capp. (All I’m missing now is the snarky barista making snide comments about how I’m on a diet).

What’s your favorite breakfast treat?

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