Work-out Wednesday: Spring?!


I took a break from doing pilates this afternoon (actually, that’s not entirely true…I did about 10-15 minutes on my own) and went outside for a run! Paul and I drove over to the park we always went to in the fall and went for a rather abbreviated run. It got dark rather quickly, and much of the path was still covered by snow and slush. And the parts that weren’t covered by snow and slush were covered by water, mud, and goose poop. I’m guessing that, in all, I probably ran 3/4 of a mile. Not too bad, considering I spent a lot of time dodging goose poop and picking my way over the snow. I’m hoping it’s not raining tomorrow so I can go outside for another run. Maybe this time I’ll just suck it up and run around my complex. In any case, it was nice to be outside again, feeling like I’m running with some sort of purpose, rather than running on an endless loop on a treadmill.

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