FFF: Springtime!


It was 62 on Tuesday. That called for a dress. Unfortunately, it was still a little chilly, especially in school, so I had to cover up part with a cardigan. But still…. This occasion also warranted outdoor pictures. Not many though, because it was a little colder than I thought it was.

Pardon the wrinkled dress–this was taken after work. Also pardon my poor photography skills….

Outfit: Grey cardigan, grey tights: Kohl’s; Teal dress and cognac belt: The Limited; Black flats: Target

While this is a better picture of the outfit…I look a little angry.

I had the same issue with this dress as I did with the black skirt the other week, where it kept creeping up as I walked. So I had to bust out the slip again. It helped, for sure, but I still felt as if I was tugging at the dress all day. It might also be that the dress is just a little shorter than what I usually wear. I worried about it at work, wondering if it was a little too short. But I figure the opaque tights helped that issue a bit.

I also really need new black flats. I plan to hit up Target soon to replace the shoes I’m wearing in this picture. They’re so sad. I just can’t seem to find any that I actually like. The flats pictured here are quite flimsy, but they’ve sufficed for about a year now. I mean, really…I paid $12.99 for them. Considering I’ve worn them probably more than 100 times over the course of a year, that’s pretty reasonable. I have one other pair of black “flats” that are also on their last legs. I need to replace those, too. I’ll probably end up with the same pair of shoes…. I’ll keep you posted. But, see how sad my shoes are??


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  1. Haha I have some flats and boots that are likely crying for help, too. LOVE this outfit–think it’s my favorite one you’ve posted. The dress is great on you, and this belt goes so well with it.

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