For lack of a better title…Memorial Day, 2010


Happy Memorial Day. I spent my day off sick on the couch with a fever. No other symptoms really. A little achy in the morning, a dull headache most of the day, and some soreness in my soft palate. But, no congestion or sore throat. Hmm.

I was starting to feel a little funky earlier in the week (had that tell-tale tickling feeling in my soft palate), but ignored it, citing allergies as the cause. And then yesterday that feeling was back, but again I ignored it. I knew that if I had told Paul I was feeling sick, he’d tell me I was just making excuses not to go running (partly true…I’ve cried wolf a few times). So I pushed myself into my running clothes and headed to the park. Oh, yeah, it was also 90 degrees and humid. All together, a winning combination.

What I really wanted to write about was the run itself. Never mind that it was hot and sucky, but I just got so mad at myself. I’m working on increasing my endurance, and so I run for X minutes, walk for Y minutes, run for X minutes, etc. In my final stretch of running, halfway through, I just got bored and quit. I probably could have gone at least a little further. My legs weren’t that tired, I wasn’t breathing too hard. I had started to get some cramps in my side, but nothing that I hadn’t run through before. That sicky feeling in the back of my throat was getting worse, but not too bad. I just got bored.

After waking up with a fever of 100 degrees this morning, I’ve stopped beating myself up over it, as I’ve realized I was probably sicker than I thought I was yesterday, but I just have to wonder…when am I going to stop getting bored with running? Right now it’s fine because I’ve got some good short-term goals for each run (meeting the program’s runs, decreasing my time, etc.), but what happens when I’m done with this program? Am I just going to get bored and quit every time? What keeps you from getting sick of it all?

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  1. Hm. . . Let me know when you find out. I’m supposed to be doing a TON of running this summer to train for a race in the fall. It’s an expensive race and one I would be angry with myself over if I didn’t run it because I didn’t train. You’d think that would be enough motivation, but It’s not. . .I especially lack motivation now that it’s hot. When it was cool outside I really loved it but now it’s just humid and gross.

    A couple months ago, I started listening to books on tape because there are a lot of things I do now that require my eyes, but not my full attention (aka: the laundry, cleaning the house, driving around town). I’ve found that those actually keep me engaged while running much more than regular music.

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