Judging a book by its cover


It’s how I pick books, actually. If the cover looks intriguing, I’ll usually pick it up, read the blurb, and buy the book (or write it down for future purchase). The problem comes when I accidentally throw out the list of potential future purchases and all I can remember is what the cover of the book looked like. Currently, I’m searching through Barnes & Noble’s website, trying desperately to find a book cover. All I remember is that it was white with a small silhouette of a little girl towards the top-middle. The other problem with this search is that I don’t even remember if I had wanted this particular book. The cover is just burned into my memory. I hope that this search is not for naught. I think a trip to Barnes & Noble might be in my future….

Speaking of books, I’m going to need some good recommendations. I’m leaving for Florida in a week, and have many hours in the car ahead of me. I’ve read everything I own, and have only purchased one new book (Spooky Little Girl, by Laurie Notaro). What do you recommend?

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  1. I’m reading an interesting book on Autism right now—Unstrange Minds. It’s written by an anthropologist who has a daughter with Autism…kind of about how all different cultures perceive ASD and how he doesn’t view it as an epidemic but rather as an increase in knowledge and identification, etc. Recommend it thus far! Also on the ASD front haha I just got Jodi Picoult’s newest from a co-worker (House Rules).

    Hope you have a great trip with lots o’ good reads 🙂

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