When will my dreams come true?


I had a dream that I was shopping last night (already off to a good start, no?). I made a bit of an impulse purchase. It was a blue and green patterned clutch purse. Nothing special, right? But in the purse’s outer pocket, you could fit a bottle of wine. It was very Mary Poppins’ carpetbag-esque, as in the clutch was no bigger than a regular clutch, and yet the pocket expanded to fit that always necessary bottle of wine. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or maybe I’m just overly excited to visit Harry Potter World NEXT WEEK. Either way…someone keep an eye out for a shooting star for me. I’m lovin’ that dream purse.

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  1. We were just down there June 3rd and I was so sad we missed the opening by a couple weeks! We actually got tickets to Universal studios instead of Islands of Adventure b/c of how much of the park was closed down in anticipation of the HP opening. . . it looked pretty much finished and I’m sure they were giving “sneak previews” to people of importance/winners of giveaways, but alas, we were neither of those things. :-p

    Hope you have fun! I want to see pictures.

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