FFF: Making up for lost time


Hey, readers (the few of you left, that is). So sorry for the hiatus from the FFF posts. I’ve had several recent additions to the ol’ wardrobe, so I thought I’d share.

I’ll be honest, my summer attire has consisted mainly of sports bras, t-shirts, and saggy-butt jeans. Most days, I don’t really have anywhere important to be, so I don’t dress to impress. But, I’ve had a couple of weddings this summer, as well as some breakfast/lunch dates, a baby shower, family events, etc., which have necessitated a more put-together look. Along with that, I’ve decided to try a little extra hard this school year to not get sucked into my typical “frumpy teacher” wardrobe. I am TWENTY-FIVE. I should not be wearing unflattering clothes! And so, I’ve been shopping quite a bit this summer and have made a few additions to my closet, whether work appropriate or not. I’ll start with today:

Occasion: Breakfast date with Katharine; errands; girls’ night with Erica

Outfit: Floral blouse: Old Navy; Brown tank: Target; Jeans: Gap

This shirt was a rather “throw caution to the wind” grab on the way to the dressing room at ON last week. It’s SUPER outside of my comfort zone:

  1. It’s yellow.
  2. It’s floral.
  3. It’s sleeveless.
  4. It has ruffles at the shoulder.
  5. It has an elastic band at the waist.
  6. It has a tie at the neck–I never know what to do with those!

Somehow, though, all those things combined to make a cute little top. The elastic band at the waist doesn’t bother me, as it usually falls at my hips (and I rather like my hips, thankyouverymuch, and am perfectly okay with accentuating them…after all, take a look at my wedding dress!). Pairing it with a cardigan will make it great for work, too.

Standing on the couch might be my new favorite photo spot

Next up, some recent additions to my already-stuffed closet:

Occasion: Lynn and Dan’s wedding/My 25th birthday (7/17/10)

Outfit: Dress: The Limited; Cardigan, necklace, and clutch: Old Navy; Earrings: NY & Company; Grey heals (not pictured): Steve Madden via DSW.

I wasn’t originally going to try this dress on. I’d had really bad luck at the mall that day, and didn’t feel like going into The Limited one more time, but I had a 40% off coupon, and I figured what the heck. I LOVE this dress. It makes me feel great, and it has POCKETS. It was the perfect birthday dress.

I kind of love how bright this picture is.

Outfit: Wrap “top”: Anthropologie; Leggings: Old Navy; Black Flats: Target

This wrap “top” was a recent purchase. I tried it on at my local Anthro after finding it in the clearance room. It was $60, and since I didn’t know 100% what it was (is it a top? a dress? a tunic? what?), I didn’t buy it. When I logged onto their site, I discovered that it is in fact a robe. But…but…it’s so pretty! After reading the reviews of the piece, I discovered I was not the only one who thought it was too beautiful to leave at home. So, after being given a gift card for my birthday, I ordered it. I’m not sure I love it with leggings. It looked pretty good with jeans earlier. I have no doubt that I’ll find a way to style it. SO PRETTY. Just look at these little rosettes at the closure:

Next up: New work wear.

Outfit: Green cardigan and white blouse: Old Navy; Skirt: The Limited

Outfit: Tops as seen above; Skirt: The Limited

Skirt detail: ruffle!

I'm sensing a trend with shirts with ruffles and ties at the neck...

I did some shopping at the Limited’s clearance rack last week (+ coupon + educator discount = paying $23 for a purchase that should have been $120) and came out with these two great navy skirts. I’m a huge fan of navy, though am usually at a loss for what colors to pair with it other than white, grey, or kelly green. I try to avoid looking too patriotic on days other than July 4th, so I rarely wear red with navy. I like fuchsia with navy, but other than that…I’m lost. Suggestions?

Okay, sorry again for the long delay in FFF posts. Hope this one made up for my absence.

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  1. Love your new Limited skirts! I’m jealous. Working with 3-5 year olds may mean nottttt too many lovely pencil skirts in my future.

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