Work-out Wednesday: Mix it up


Been a bit frustrated with the work-outs and the weight loss lately. It’s been so darn hot and humid out (and Carly’s don’t deal well with heat or humidity), so I have not been running. Paul and I have gone for the occasional evening walk, but beyond that, my cardio has been rather limited. Therefore, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to me that I haven’t lost any weight, but I’ve been doing things (it’s true…you’ll see…keep reading), and I’ve been really careful with what I eat, yet I’ve been stuck at the same weight literally for months. It takes me around 3 weeks to lose 2 pounds, and then I immediately gain it back. The summer has been tough, with weddings, birthdays, showers, vacations, etc. But I’ve done pretty well in practicing moderation…or so I though. So much for losing 10 pounds this summer.

We did buy a Wii Fit, though. I’ve been using it nearly every day for 3 weeks. While I don’t necessarily buy into it for full work-out benefits, it at least gets me up and doing something. The strength exercises are all pretty basic things that I’ve done in pilates workouts, so I’ll believe in those. But running in place for 30 minutes just doesn’t give me the same level of exhaustion as going for a 30 minute jog. Fall (and cooler weather), where are you?

Along with Wii Fit things, I’ve been doing a mixture of some weights and resistance band exercises, mostly from SELF magazine (love SELF magazine). I try to change it up every day to work on something different each day. My primary concerns have been abs and legs, though. Anyway, the exercises have been paying off. While I haven’t lost any weight (ARGH!), I feel a bit more toned. That’s a nice feeling.

Found a new fun blog, too, that’s been a help lately: The Former Chubette. I really like reading her stuff. So much of what she has to say about her weight loss journey reminds me of my own, and I’ve definitely experienced many of the same struggles in being a “former chubette.” Loving reading it so far.

Enjoy your day. I’m hungry and am in need of lunch.

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