FFF: Try try again


Happy Friday the 13th! Oooooh!

Earlier in the week, Elena posted a comment from another blog about making wearable outfits out of what you already have. And while, on a day-to-day basis, I do, I feel like I’ve been posting things lately that are “recent acquisitions.” They’re basics, though, that I’ll be able to use again and again to rebuild a pretty frumpy wardrobe (you read it here first: I will not wear v-neck t-shirts and cardigans together more than 1 day per work week!). So, this week, I tried to restyle a couple of pieces that I have, but of which I’ve never been particularly fond. I have to say…after trying to style these pieces a couple of different ways, I actually really like them and am excited to get more use out of them. Take a look:

First up: Wednesday

Occasion: Errands; watching Paul’s sister sing in a Karaoke competition (she did well and made it through to the next round!)

Outfit: Cream layering tank: The Limited; Multi-colored top: Gap Outlet; White vest/cardigan, headband and jeans: Target; Belt: New York & Company.

Just a quick note that I didn’t take a full length picture: a.) because I was lazy and b.) because I don’t really like these jeans. However, due to poor planning on my part, I didn’t wash my good jeans in time to wear them the other night. Whoops. Anywho…. I bought this vest/cardigan last fall and have only worn it a few times. I was never sure how to style it, but it’s nice and lightweight, so it doesn’t add too much bulk for the summer, and it did a nice job of covering my upper arms (blech) while I was wearing a tank top. As for the belt, I bought it last fall as well, and hardly ever wear it. It just doesn’t stay put like I want it to, but it served its purpose well on a night when I was mostly just sitting. The headband is actually a new addition. I’ve been wanting an embellished headband for a while, but could never find one that wasn’t totally outrageous. This one caught my eye at Target the other day, and I thought it was perfect.

Next up: Thursday

Occasion: Errands; trying not to melt in 92-degree-heat

Outfit: Teal tank, white tank and sandals: Target; Skirt: Old Navy; Studded belt: Gap

I’ve worn this skirt 2 times before. The first time was to a bridal shower in November. I wore it with grey tights, black flats, and a grey 3/4-sleeve shirt. I didn’t mind that outfit too much, but it just felt bulky, especially since the skirt kept clinging to the tights and was causing some serious bunching issues. The second time I wore it was to a baby shower in February. Again, I wore it with tights, but also did a long-sleeve t-shirt, a cardigan, and black boots. I was super uncomfortable that day. Way too many layers, and I felt a little bit country with the flowing skirt and boots. So I hadn’t worn it since. But in my hunt for something cool to wear Thursday, I pulled it out of the closet. I ended up loving this skirt. It was nice and cool while I was out running errands, and it also helped me feel a little more put together, even though I just had to to to Target and the Honda dealership (I miss you car…). I’m excited to put it into the rotation for work-wear (obviously not with this top).

The skinny studded belt is something I’ve had for a while, too, but I never know what to do with it. In the past, I’ve worn it up higher on my waist with a cardigan, but it just never sits right. I tried it with Wednesday’s outfit, too, but it just got lost among the pattern of the shirt. I didn’t love it with this outfit, but I was just desperate to wear it, so I did. Again, I think it gets a little lost. But doggone it…I just like this belt so much! Suggestions?

If anything, this has helped me get back in the habit of actually putting together outfits and looking decent. Back to work next week. I’m heading in Friday to get some things organized, then teachers start back next Monday…kids on Wednesday. Summer…what happened?? Where did you go?

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  1. Loving the first belted look and that colorful skirt! As for the belt, I do use my thin one a lot with cardigans over shirts/dresses, but it that doesn’t work for this one…I don’t know, but I’m sure you’ll find something!!

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