Oh sad little blog


So, um…. Sorry I haven’t exactly been updating lately. Things have been rather busy, what with the new house taking up all of our time because we have to paint every square inch. (Seriously, what was this lady’s obsession with pink and sponge painting?) We’re preparing to move in this coming weekend, and once we have internet there, and once things calm down a little bit, I’m sure the posts will return.

In the mean time, I just want to tell the world how in love I am with this gorgeous weather. Fall came early! LOVE. But it’s making me want Halloween to come soon so I can throw the awesome Halloween/House Warming party that I’ve been planning in my head ever since we put an offer on the house in June.

Speaking of the house taking all of my time, I was supposed to be there like half an hour ago. I’d better get my butt out the door. The carpet cleaners are coming today (yessss!!!!), and I’ve got a massive to-do list to take care of while I wait for them. (P.S. I’m not playing hookie from work, I promise. We have the day off for Rosh Hashanah.)

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