After a long (and sort of needed) absence from blogging, I think I’ve decided upon a direction for my blog.

I am not a fashionista…though I have made good strides towards improving my everyday wardrobe.

I hate working out, and trying to force myself to blog about it worked for a while, but then the excuses started again.

I love cooking, but having such a busy life right now doesn’t leave me much time to be creative in the kitchen.

All these things combined with the fact that my camera died on Halloween have left me with little to say and/or show. But after some nasty bouts with my self-esteem these past few weeks, coupled with regaining a bit (really only 5 pounds or so) of the weight that I worked so hard to take off, have led me to consider turning this into a weight-loss/weight-management blog.

So here’s the plan:

Sundays: Weekly meal plan. I’ve been planning our weekly meals lately, and it’s been helpful for the most part. But Paul and I are SO prone to throwing in the towel and ordering a pizza. NOT GOOD. So posting online will hopefully help me actually stick to the meal plan.

Wednesdays: Work-out Update. I’m usually pretty good about working out Monday and Tuesday, but then by Wednesday, I hit a wall. Hopefully this will give me the drive to finish out the week.

Saturdays: Weekly Weigh-In. When I did Weight Watchers (well, I still follow the plan, but I just don’t attend meetings), Saturdays were my weigh-in days. While I’m not going to post my actual weight (I am a LADY, after all! šŸ˜‰ ), I’ll be posting the +/- numbers. My hope is that this will keep me accountable for weighing in (I’ve been afraid of the scale lately) and following the plan.

There will likely be more posts throughout the week, as I’m still trying to see myself in this not-so-new-anymore body (I’ve kept the weight off for almost 2 years now!). I’m getting more confident, and I’m beginning to realize that my pants are a size 4, not a size 12. My shirts are a small, not a large. There have been days lately when I feel really good about what I’m wearing and how I look and feel, and I really want to document those times so I can look back at them and know what makes me feel a little bit better. Once I have a new camera (Black Friday, here I come!), I’ll be posting some more pictures.

There you have it. Hope you decide to stick with me. šŸ™‚

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