Poor Planning


So, shortly after I made my previous post, I realized that I have terrible timing. Really…who decides to start a weight-loss/weight-management blog THREE DAYS before Thanksgiving?? Plus yesterday and today are parent-teacher conference days at school, which means I’m working silly hours (1pm-8pm) and am eating dinner that’s been provided by either the PTO or by our school admins. I really wasn’t bad during the day yesterday. I tracked my Points during the day and planned ahead for dinner…I stuck to small portions for dinner…but then the s#*t hit the fan when it came to dessert (pumpkin whoopie pies…seriously?!)…and then again when I got home and Paul had leftovers of pizza and it had been 5 hours since I ate dinner and I was hungry.

But that’s okay. I had a bad day. I’m accepting it and moving on. I will not have a bad day today. Dinner tonight is soup, salad, and breadsticks from Olive Garden. I know how to plan for this, so I’m all good. And I will show restraint around the dessert table today….

I made chocolate mint brownies to take to work yesterday. They were a big hit. I’ve done so twice this year. I made chocolate chip cookie dough brownies a couple weeks ago. Those were a big hit. And yesterday’s chocolate mint brownies went over well, too. I love being able to make people happy with food. Oh, future children of mine, you are doomed to be fatties. Sorry.

I’m teaching a co-worker how to cook today. We’re making a Weight Watchers recipe: Cider-braised chicken thighs with sweet potatoes and sage. It’s one of our favorites in this house, so I’m hoping my co-worker likes it as well. It’s strange to say I’m teaching someone how to cook. I’m sure she’s much better off than she lets on, but that’s okay. I was originally supposed to teach her how to bake for Thanksgiving, but that fell through. Next time. I just can’t imagine that someone in her 20s has never made chocolate chip cookies. GASP. 🙂

Well, I’ve successfully wasted my time this morning, thus avoiding working out. I think we all knew it wouldn’t happen. I’m not feeling particularly well this morning anyway. I don’t really want to push it. Oh excuses. Love you.

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