They see you when you’re eating…


They know when you’ve been lax….

Got a letter from WW today. Their ears must’ve been burning, as I mentioned going back while at lunch today. I really haven’t gained much weight. I’m just a shade over my goal weight, but I’m thinking I need the accountability of regular meetings to keep me on track. I just need the holidays to be over. What is this feeling that I have that I’m OBLIGATED to stuff my face with crap just because I can? This stuff doesn’t even sound good anymore (well, except for the cheese on my hash browns today…that sounded as good as it tasted), but I eat and eat and eat because it’s not January 1st yet. UGH. I just want to get back to a point where I actually feel good about myself again. Paul and I are joining the local park district this Friday. Elliptical machines, Zumba, and cardio/strength classes, here I come! OH I can’t wait!!!!

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