Keeping the excuses at bay


Day 3 of hittin’ the gym after work. I have to admit that I was very tempted to quit today, citing tiredness as a reason, but I immediately snapped out of it and realized that I could not start skipping after only two days.

I love the tired feeling I have after 35-minutes on the elliptical. I missed it. It’s not quite at the level of exhaustion I feel after a 35-minute run, but until I get myself back in shape(-ish), the elliptical will have to do. Hope to trade off with the treadmill in the next couple of weeks…when I finally find my Nike+ sensor. Grrr. I distinctly remember seeing it and saying, “Hmm. That’s probably not a good place for it. I’ll leave it there, though, so I know where it is.” GAH.

Haven’t really started in with weights/abs just yet. I’m thinking I’ll do my abs workouts at home starting next week, and maybe my weights, too. I’ll probably just pull some things from the Shred–those were such good workouts!

I’d better get moving…. I need to get my things together for tomorrow before dinner/TV night.

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  1. Go you!! I’m on day 2 of 2 at our new gym thus far…definitely feels good to get back into a more intense routine!

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