Shopper’s Envy


I’ll admit it…I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. I’m a follower. It seems that everyone and their mother has the Steve Madden Intyce boots, and I have fallen victim to a bad case of Shopper’s (Blogger’s?) Envy. Oh I love those boots. I have longed for them for quite some time. I asked for them for Christmas…but they just weren’t in the budget. Paul did buy me a gorgeous pair of boots for Christmas (Steve Madden’s Inka, in black), and I love them. I wear them at least 2 or 3 times a week. But nothing could compare to Intyce. And so I ordered them. They’re still not really in the budget…but, being the innovative person that I am, I have signed up for 3 evenings of supervision/scoreboard-keeping for my school’s home wrestling meets as well as 1 evening of volleyball supervision. All for a pair of boots….

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  1. They are awesome boots! Mine look so worn, but…they are. I get so much use out of ’em! They were $87 when I got ’em, which sadly for me barely elicits guilt. 😉 And I’m very jealous of your Inka boots!

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