The Good, The Better, The Bad, and The Even Worse….


The Good: I’ve been doing really well with the gym. I’ve upped my time on the elliptical slightly (to 40 minutes), and I’ve been adding in abs and weights after every workout. And, I just earned my free water bottle from the gym for going a certain number of times. Free T-shirt, here I come!

The Better: I FIT INTO TWO PAIRS OF PANTS FROM MY CLOSET! Yes!!!! I haven’t been able to wear my trouser jeans in ages, and I tried them on on a whim today. They fit! (Okay, so there was a little bit of a muffin-top situation, but there was also a gap in the back, so I’m calling it even.) PLUS, I fit into a pair of black pants that have never really fit properly. Huzzah for expanding one’s wardrobe without actually shopping!

The Bad: Um… I didn’t go to the gym today. Which, in itself, is not bad. It’s okay to take a day off. However, coming home and binge eating is bad. Now, old-Carly would have said “Ho hum. I’ve thrown the week away. I’ll just start all over next week.” But not this time! New-Carly is keeping a positive attitude. The week is not over yet. I can still do better tomorrow. And I WILL do better tomorrow. And I did so well today. We had a baby shower for a co-worker, and I stuck to veggies and fruit, and a teeny tiny piece of cake.

The Even Worse: The reason I didn’t go to the gym today is because I was starting to feel sick. Rather than pushing myself and feeling worse later, I just decided to take the night off. That’s fine, I know that’s acceptable. However, I cannot afford to get sick right now. I have an eligibility meeting tomorrow, another next Friday, another the Wednesday after that, and then the Wednesday after that, and then that Friday as well. Plus, I need to schedule an annual review or two somewhere in that mess. And I haven’t finished testing for next week’s eligibility…. Ugh. Is it June yet? No?

Best part of my day: I got a text message from my mom that said “I wore a belt OVER my sweater today! How’s that for fashion forward?” Oh I love my mom. I replied with “Way to create a clearly defined waistline!”

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