Sunday Meal Plan and Goal Setting: 1/23


Stupid Bears. What’samattayou?

On to brighter things. Tomorrow is an institute day. Fun-filled day of learning about ADHD and Executive Functions. I’ve been griping about going to the workshop, but really, I am looking forward to it. I just get so bored and fidgety sitting still for 5 1/2 hours. I’ve met the presenter on several occasions, and he’s incredibly knowledgeable. I hope he’s a good lecturer as well.

Okay, so remember my plucky little post yesterday, where I said I wasn’t going to overdo things today at the football party? Well, I didn’t have any beer, and I only ate 2 slices of pizza. But they were large. And I ate a lot of cheese. And some tortilla chips and guacamole. And some meatballs. And some BBQ-bacon shrimp. Okay. No. None of this. Reality check time: Cheese is good for you, and I really only had maybe 7 little slices. The tortilla chips were multi-grain, which is certainly a better option. I only had 3 meatballs because I knew they weren’t the best thing there. I made the shrimp, so I know they are low-cal, and I know the stats for them. I just tracked everything now. Did I go over my points for today? Oh dear, yes. But I tracked it. I didn’t just claim today a loss. I’m also remaining hopeful because the girl making all the food is a healthy eater, too, so I’m holding out hope that she used light recipes, and that my tracking is off in my favor. We’ll see. I’ll just work extra hard at the gym this week.

Meal Plan Time:

Monday: Leftover Tilapia Puttanesca (WW recipe, 4 PointsPlus), cooked baby spinach (0 Points Plus), and maybe mashed potatoes (3 Points Plus) – Total 7 PointsPlus

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Kielbasa Bean Soup (Modified WW recipe, 5 Points Plus), salad

Wednesday: Leftover soup

Thursday: Leftover soup

Friday: Paul will likely have leftover soup. Maybe I’ll have a veggie burger.

Friday nights seem to be my downfall when it comes to planning meals. I go meatless on Fridays (it’s a Catholic thing), and so leftovers from the week always get passed up. I’ve really been avoiding fish lately. It just doesn’t sound good. The Tilapia Puttanesca I made yesterday was okay. Nothing to write home about. Maybe I’ll make some scallops.

I didn’t set a goal for myself last week, and I think that’s part of where I fell off track. I didn’t have anything I was hoping to achieve. So this week, I’m setting a goal to make it to the gym at least 4 times (Thursday might be a loss–I have my first night of wrestling supervision…eek!), and to start Couch to 5k for the hundredth time. Good golly…I hope I can actually stick to it this time.

Oh. It’s 8:00. I should probably get my things together for tomorrow. Honestly…where do the weekends go? And now I don’t have another day off until Feb. 21. But then spring break is right around the corner…followed closely by summer. Warm weather, please come soon. I miss you!

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