Monday: The Triumphant Return of Pants and Mashed Potatoes


My trouser jeans made their glorious return back to my wardrobe today. As I mentioned yesterday, today was Institute Day. Most people wear jeans to their workshops and such. I always worry, though, that I’ll be the only one. So I deemed trouser jeans the appropriate choice. I’d be lying if I told you that they weren’t just a little tight in the tummy zone. But that’s why you wear long camisoles and a long, loose cardigan.

Also, mashed potatoes came back to dinner today. I don’t think I’ve ever made mashed potatoes for us. And I use “made” loosely here, as this was a package of instant mashed potatoes. Unless I’m at my parents’ house, I just don’t eat mashed potatoes. Hmm. Really, 3 PointsPlus is not bad.

Admission: I did not make it to the gym today. I’m not trying to play the excuse card, but I just couldn’t go. I felt completely miserable this afternoon. I still do. I probably will tomorrow, too. I’m hoping not, though. I’d really like to stand a chance of making my goal this week.

Also, I really should stop watching Food Network. I think I’m absorbing the calories from shows like “Best Thing I Ever Ate.” Seriously…a 24-layer chocolate cake?! YES PLEASE. I have to go now.

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