Weigh-In Day: Balancing Act


I have officially accomplished everything I wanted to today, which is to say I slept in, weighed myself, and made coffee. Yup. Happy Saturday. We’ll hopefully be going to visit Paul’s grandparents this afternoon, too.

So, the weigh-in. I lost the 0.8 that I had gained last week, so I guess that’s good, considering I didn’t work out at all this week. My total weight loss this month was 3.5 lbs. Not too shabby. Just under an average of 1 pound a week.

Paul and I went out last night (GASP! A date!). We tried a restaurant down the street called Barley House. It’s an Irish-themed pub. I’ll admit: I indulged and had fish & chips (I had a really long meeting at work yesterday afternoon–it was either fried food or alcohol). Sadly, though, they were really not good. The fries were bland, and the fish tasted like they had just taken some fish sticks out of the freezer. Big disappointment. Not what either of us wanted to spend our money on, nor was it what I wanted to spend my calories on. Oh well. Live and learn. I really hate being disappointed in meals. Don’t you?

We stopped at Borders after dinner and I got a new WW recipe magazine. There are some really tasty looking things in it. I’m excited to try it out.

We also went to see No Strings Attached last night, too. It was a cute movie. You can totally predict what’s going to happen just based on the trailer, but it was good nonetheless.

I should actually get something accomplished today….laundry, eating, showering, something. Have a happy Saturday!

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