Oh the weather outside is frightful….


No, really. There are currently snow drifts that are taller than me outside my window and at the end of my driveway. Madness.

We had a crazy blizzard yesterday, which of course started right as I was leaving school. Driving home was a nightmare. A drive that usually takes me 45 minutes took me over 2 hours. Winds were gusting over 50 miles per hour. Snow accumulations were anywhere between 15-22 inches.

Before leaving school, I thought I might try to make it to the gym for a quick workout. When I walked out at 3:00, though, I couldn’t see across the street because of all the snow and wind, so I decided to just get home where it was safe. School was cancelled today and the gym was closed. I considered doing The Shred or the Wii Fit, buuuutttt…it’s a snow day. I did laundry. That counts, right? School is cancelled tomorrow, too. Maybe I’ll try to hit the gym, but temperatures are going to be just a smidgen over 0-degrees, so we’ll see about that…. I might just stay home and make cookies instead. 🙂

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