In terms of dancing/musical rhythm…I have zero. I have, however, found my rhythm for hitting the gym. I managed 4 visits last week, and hopefully I’ll repeat that this week. I missed Monday (Paul and I were out of town) and today (I was at school until 5:00). I plan on going tomorrow, and hopefully Saturday. I’m working the school’s wrestling tournament on Saturday, and it’s scheduled to go until 4:00, which means I wouldn’t get to the gym before it closes, but we’ll see…maybe it’ll end early.

Anyway, our gym has an incentive plan for new members where you can earn rewards (a water bottle, a t-shirt, entry into a drawing for a duffle bag) for coming a certain number of times. I’ve already gotten the water bottle (I gave it to Paul, as I already have an extensive collection of water bottles), and I’m 2 visits away from the t-shirt. I really don’t care so much about the duffle bag. The program is definitely working for me, because earning that free t-shirt is really motivating. I love a good extrinsic reward. I worry, though, that after I’ve earned my t-shirt, my motivation will drop off again (especially since I discovered that I do, in fact, fit into my bridesmaid’s dress for Erin’s upcoming wedding…). Maybe it’s time to re-institute the Former Chubette’s Rewards Program….

Speaking of the gym, I’m starting to notice small changes. I’ve increased the amount of weight on the machines, and I’ve upped the resistance on the elliptical. I’m just not seeing the body changes yet. I know it takes time, but it’s so frustrating when you think you’ve made progress and lost a little weight, yet your pants/skirts fit tighter than ever. Groan.

I’ve got a new goal to run a 5k by 4/30, so I hope that it starts to warm up a little bit soon so I can start running outside.

For now, though, my goal is to go to bed. Goodnight.

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  1. I’m trying to convince Adam to do an April 5K…need motivation.

    I feel your pain. I’ve been loggin’ 4-5 workouts per week for awhile now (predominantly cardio) and the scale is pretty much staying the same. I do feel better, which, yes, is great, but I’ll admit to being disappointed.

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