1. A confusing and difficult problem or question.
2. A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle.
I’m getting my haircut tomorrow for the first time since August. (Egad! I know….) Sadly, it’s not all that long now. Just to my shoulders-ish. Here’s a picture:

Day Trip to Galena, 3/5/11

(I hate my hair)

So, I’m looking to keep as much length as I can, and I’m still undecided about bangs. I really loved them when I had them, but are they still “cool?” (When did I get old?) Plus, to top it all off, I’m seeing a new stylist.

I wasn’t always this neurotic when it came to my hair. Seriously. I never used to care. My philosophy was “Well, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back.” Then I had a stylist that I loved who could do no wrong…and then she moved. I found someone new who was also wonderful…and then I moved. There was nothing wrong with the girl I was seeing last year, but she’s 30 minutes away. Plus, her ever-changing hair style (brown shoulder-length, brown pixie cut, bleached pixie cut with purple faux-hawk…) started to scare me.

In a perfect world, I’d want fuller, longer hair that would hold a curl and hold some volume. But, as my hair is thin, fine and straight, I don’t see that happening. What to do what to do. Suggestions?

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