So, remember last week, and how awesome my workouts were? I don’t know what happened. I’ve been dragging this week. It’s been hard to push myself through my runs in the afternoon, but I’ve made it.

Let’s start with a positive. I was at my parents’ house for the weekend, and I weighed in there on Saturday, and I had dropped another 2.3! Woohoo. However…Saturday brought a bridal shower and bachelorette party (at which I did not even attempt to behave), and last night brought pizza (thanks to headaches, fatigue, and this awesome congestion I’ve got goin’ on). So, pretty sure that 2.3 is going to disappear come Saturday. *sigh*

Now, on to the negatives. Yesterday, I had some pretty rockin’ side stitches. I haven’t dealt with those in a long time, and I’m going to go ahead and chalk it up to the fact that I hadn’t had much water throughout the day (our water cooler in the lounge is out, the vending machine was sold out of water, and the tap water at work is really gross-tasting). The candy at 2:45 probably didn’t help either (Cadbury’s Mini Eggs are my biggest Easter candy weakness…I’m amazed – and impressed – that I was able to eat 1 serving and put them away)…. It was just a miserable workout.

Today, I drank more water throughout the day, I ate my candy earlier in the afternoon (and had less than yesterday), and still I had some side stitches. Not as bad, though, and they didn’t show up until later in the workout. I’m also battling some sort of head cold/sinus infection/unpleasantness, which makes running loads of fun.

Oh, another thing about today (okay, 2 other things): My iPod froze as I was starting my workout, and I had to reset it. I thought I lost all my data, but I think I’m okay. Also, I’m pretty sure I was the smelly person at the gym today. Whoops. It’s quite possible that I forgot deodorant this morning (TMI, sorry), and that slip combined with running 3 miles was not fun. I couldn’t tell where the smell was coming from–it’s still highly possible (and rather likely) that it was emanating from the absurdly sweaty gentleman on the machine in front of me.

On a positive note, though, I set another personal best for the mile, but I’m pretty sure it was the same as my last personal best. I can’t be sure.

Oookay. Off to bed for this girl. I can feel the nighttime cold/congestion meds kicking in. Yikes!

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