The Return of the Weekly Meal Plan…


In an effort to get myself back on track with this whole weight loss thing, I decided a good course of action would be to actually plan out weekly meals again. I do this anyway, but posting it online will keep me accountable so that, come Tuesday, I’m not tempted to just get take out…. So here we go.

Sunday: Chicken sausage (Archer Farms brand, 2 PP), light whole wheat bun (2 PP), frozen veggies (2 PP). Total: 6 PP

Monday: Hungry Girl’s “Takes the Cake Ziti Bake” from the new 300 Under 300 cookbook (7 PP), salad

Tuesday: Leftover ziti (7 PP), salad

Wednesday: Hungry Girl’s “Outside-In Turkey Tamale Pie,” also from the 300 Under 300 cookbook (6 PP)

Thursday: Leftover turkey tamale pie (6 PP)

Friday: Um…Harry Potter 7, pt. 1 comes out on DVD on Friday, so, we’re having pizza…. I’m so stinkin’ excited.

Saturday: Chicken tagine with apricots and almonds (7 PP), asparagus (0 PP)

It’s such a gorgeous day today, and I wish I could be outside enjoying every minute of this sunshine and warmth. Unfortunately, housework and homework are calling my name. But at least the windows are open with plenty of sunshine and fresh air (and box elder bugs) streaming in. LOVE. IT.

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