Happy Accidents, or, How Laziness Pays Off


I’ve been working on picking out this month’s reward for doing a good job of working out/eating right, and had settled on this skirt from Anthro:

Pretty in Pink

It was regularly $118, on sale for $59.95. A bit above my reward price limit, but that’s okay. The extra $10 was worth it. I was all set to order it yesterday, but decided I was too lazy to get off my bum and get my wallet. After working out this evening, I finally decided I should actually place my order before my size was sold out. I logged into the Fresh Cuts section, hoping another skirt I had been keeping my eye on would be there too (no such luck), when I noticed my skirt was now $29.95! YOWZA. Needless to say, the pretty pink skirt is on its merry way to my house. Can’t wait! Now, maybe Spring will decide to show its happy face so I can actually wear the skirt…minus tights….

In other news, I’ve been taking a break from running. Yes, I know I have that 5k in a week and a half. But I’m just so bored with the treadmill, and somehow it’s still too cold to run outside (seriously…snow yesterday?). So I’ve been taking advantage of the workouts on OnDemand. I’ve really started to like Denise Austin’s “Daily Dozen” cardio workouts. They’re long enough to get my heart rate up, but short enough so I don’t get too bored with them. I might actually consider buying her DVDs. Plus, the Cardio Kickboxing workout really reminds me of Kick-n-Core from college.

Anywho, time to make dinner. I’m thinking I’ll make the Hungry Girl Monte Cristo sandwich tonight. Paul’s out of town to go fishing with a friend, so I actually get to make things that he wouldn’t like! 🙂

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