This is going somewhere…I promise. It just requires a back-story.

When I first started WW in grad school, I turned to the message boards for some support, and found the group “Mindless Munching Grad Students.” Many people came and went from that group, but around a dozen of us remained constant. That group of ladies offered so much support–through the bad days, the good days, the losses, the gains, and everything else, both personal and WW-related. We’ve seen goal-weight, Lifetime, and regains together. We’re spread out across the country, and even though I’ve never met these girls, they are amazing friends.

One of the group members just started up a daily email the other day, and it’s incredible that all of us were feeling the need to do that at the same time. I don’t know how many people wrote back and said “Yes! I keep thinking we should start emailing again!” While being in contact with these women has not gotten me back on track, it’s still good to know they are there, sending positive thoughts and “skinny vibes” my way.

So, like I said, this really is going somewhere. I had a revelation at work today. Here’s what I shared with my MMGSs:

Okay, had another bad day today. Damn Teacher Appreciation Week.

I was thinking about things today, and my plan in my head is always “I’ll do great over summer break! I’ll lose so much weight and look amazing and everyone will be shocked!” So, I started thinking that again this afternoon, and IMMEDIATELY the excuses started rolling in. First it was “I’ll get back on track this weekend. Oh, but we’re going to Paul’s cousin’s twins’ 1st birthday on Saturday.” Then it was “Yeah, but I’ll have lots of time during summer to eat right and work out. Oh, but we’re going to Florida in June.” I just need to get those “Oh, but”s out of my head! I need to stop seeing everything as an excuse to eat like crap, and I need to WORK with it. I need to develop self control.
There’s always going to be an “Oh, but…” with me. I know this. This fact hasn’t changed in 25 years. “Oh but…” was responsible for getting me up to my highest weight in undergrad. “Oh, but…” was responsible for me putting on 10 pounds over the past couple years. “Oh, but…” is what makes me think I can eat like crap today because I can just start again tomorrow…and the next day…and the next day. At what point do I say “Oh, but I don’t want to eat like this anymore. Oh, but I don’t want to feel awful anymore. Oh, but I really want to fit into those pants again.”
Tomorrow, there will be no “Oh, but….”

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