That’s gonna hurt in the morning….


So, on January 1, I told myself I had the month of January to prove that I could lose weight without actually going back to WW. At the end of the month, I was actually down 2 pounds. On May 1, I was the exact same weight I was on January 1. Therefore, I dragged myself to my local WW center yesterday and signed my 10-pounds-above-goal butt up again. Part of me feels like a failure. I was so sure that I wouldn’t have to go back to WW after losing the initial weight. And you know, I probably wouldn’t have had to, if I had kept going to meetings and weighing in once a month. But it’s okay…. It is what it is. I’m back and I hope hope hope this will keep me on track. Two days in and I’m doing well, considering this weekend’s events. So, I’m considering yesterday’s weigh in as the starting-over point, and all future weigh-in updates will be calculated using that as a baseline.

Yesterday, Paul’s cousin’s twins turned 1, so we went to the family party. I did really well–I took small servings of things, chose as healthily as I could, and only had a bite of Paul’s slice of cake (which wasn’t particularly great–I’m glad I didn’t eat an entire slice). Plus, add in the fact that I was chasing the cutest 5-year-old ever around the yard while playing catch/”soccer” with him, I’d say I did well.

Today, we went out to lunch with Paul’s parents, sister, and grandma for Mother’s Day. We went to Seasons 52, which I love. All the meals are 475 calories or less. Everything is very fresh and lightly prepared. It was so easy to plan ahead. I picked out what I wanted beforehand (though didn’t plan on the appetizers–but even with those, I stayed with in my Points) and stuck to my plan. I had artichoke-stuffed shrimp and a cookies and cream mini dessert. So yummy.

We got home around 4:45ish, and I changed into some grungy clothes and started work on our garden. Our front walkway has a small planter area alongside of it, and the only things growing in there were some random grasses, moss, and other unidentifiable plants. By 6:15, I had ripped up the 3 patches of grass (which were a complete pain in the grass…), the moss, and the random other growth and planted 3 Hostas in their place. I had also turned up countless worms, spiders, grubs, nails, pieces of plastic, and roofing tiles. Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow…? Paul and I had bought a lot of other flowers to plant out there, too, but after an hour and a half of digging and pulling and crouching and raking, I was exhausted. I just about destroyed our trowel–it got a little bent while I tried to uproot the grasses. Whatever. For $4, you get what you pay for.

In an effort to save a little money on our grocery bill, Paul and I have instituted “TV Dinner Night” at least once a week. We managed to knock $30 off our bill this week. Hopefully that’ll keep up. So, I give you this week’s meal plan:

Sunday: Snacks–late lunch made dinner unnecessary

Monday: Leftovers–Hoisin-Orange Pork Chops with Coconut Rice (8PP total)

Tuesday: HG Sloppy Janes (7PP); Frozen veggies (2PP) (9PP total)

Wednesday: TV Dinner Night (Smart Ones or Healthy Choice…depends…5-7PP); Frozen veggies (2PP) (9PP total)

Thursday: Leftovers from Tuesday (9PP total)

Friday: Paul and I are going to see my school’s play, so dinner out (most likely at Panera). After the play, we’ll be heading to Baker’s Square for pie….mmmm pie. 🙂

I’m trying to summon the energy to do laundry and pack my lunch, but feel like sitting here is a better option for now. I’m a little hungry. Think I’ll find something to eat first. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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