A Day Late…A Finger Short


Forgot to post yesterday. Oops. And am currently typing without the use of my left-hand middle finger. It’s really quite time consuming to not use it. Maybe next time I won’t slice my finger (er…fingers…plural…) instead of the cantaloupe.

Meal plan for the week:

Sunday: (Yes, I know that was yesterday) Breakfast for dinner, per Paul’s request–pancakes (6 PP)

Monday: Chicken fajitas, with low carb tortilla (6 PP total)

Tuesday: Leftover fajitas, with low carb tortilla (6 PP total)

Wednesday: TV dinner night–Smart Ones or Healthy Choice (6-7 PP, depending)

Thursday: I’ll get back to you on that one. I was going to make myself a grilled turkey-cheese sandwich, but realized just now that I don’t have bread. Or cheese. Doh. Perhaps flatbread pizza…?

Friday: Fish and Chips (7 PP)

Hope your Monday was monday-tastic. Off to start fajitas. Squeezing limes with cuts on my fingers should be awwwwesome. 😉

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  1. Adam’s making fajitas right now (well, I’m not a tortilla fan, but chicken and veggies and avocado ha)! Congrats on a fantastic week—looks like some yummy meals planned for this one 🙂

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