What’s with you and sharp objects?


That’s what Paul said to me earlier tonight after I told him that I basically took a chunk out of myself while shaving this morning. I’ll consider it a good week if I end it with all my limbs/appendages.

Finally getting back into the swing of going to the gym. AKA I’ve been two days in a row. BUT, I haven’t wanted to go, so I’m considering it a success that I sucked it up and went anyway. Won’t be going tomorrow–I have an appointment with the chiro at 5. Hopefully it’ll be nice so I can go for a walk after work. Enough with the cold and rain. What is this, March? November?

I’ve been trying new things at the gym lately. Since I’ve decided that I just flat out hate running, I’ve been doing the stair stepper. You know, it’s really not that bad. I work up a good sweat, I can feel the burn, and I can tolerate it for 30-35 minutes. Plus, since it requires very little coordination, I can read while on the machine. Score! I also tried the leg press machine today. It’s silly, but I was always a little afraid of that machine–something about it just looked scary. But I pushed myself to try it today and I really liked it! Huzzah for trying new things!

Alright, my eyes are threatening to shut. Maybe I can sneak in a quick nap before Paul gets home….

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  1. Oh, geez. The leg press. My track coach would force me to use that stupid machine all the time! And he’d call me a big ol’ wimp because I’d barely put any weights on it. Clearly this has scarred me for life, because I haven’t so much as touched a leg press since high school.

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