Weigh-in Day: Suck it up


I was down 0.6 today. I’m trying really hard to just suck it up and not be discouraged, but it’s difficult. I know I did well this week– I stayed within my points every day, I worked out, and I barely (if at all) touched my weekly points. So what went wrong? In talking with the leader at the scale, we decided it’s because my muscles are still retaining some water. I’ve got some soreness/stiffness in my hamstrings and obliques after doing some weights and some new exercises from the PT at the chiropractor’s office. I’m hoping that’s all it is.

This Week’s Weight Loss: -0.6 lbs

Total Weight Loss: -3.4 lbs

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  1. I don’t understand the fight with weight loss, because I’ve never battled it.
    But I do understand battles with self-esteem.
    I want you to know that I think you are absolutely gorgeous.
    It makes me sad hearing you beat yourself up over weight loss. Please don’t “suck it up.” Take in the victory! Be proud of yourself!
    You are wonderful.
    You are beautiful.

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