Weigh-in Day: Two Weeks’ Worth


Sorry for the lack of updates over the past couple of weeks. The end of the school year did not leave me in a blogging mood. So much to take care of.

So, last week’s weigh-in was not so good. I was down 0.2 and found myself rather discouraged yet again. Throughout the course of the week, I kept reminding myself that it was still a loss, and that it was okay that the weight was coming off slowly. I don’t have that much to lose, so it’s just fine that it’s taking a while, etc., etc…. But with all that in mind, I really wasn’t very motivated to stay on track this week. I dipped into my weekly points and really didn’t work out. The lack of working out was more due to the fact that it was 100 degrees and our a/c was (and still is) broken.

Thursday was the last day of school and we were having our end of the year celebration after work. I was prepared to indulge (in moderation, of course), but the fates intervened. I came down with a nasty cold or sinus infection or something on Wednesday around noon. At first I thought something had gotten stuck in the back of my throat and I couldn’t clear it. But the feeling got progressively worse and by the time I drove home at 3:15, I was feeling very loopy and kind of disoriented. Thursday morning, I woke up with a 101.2 degree fever. I took some meds and hauled my sick butt to work because, dammit, it was the last day and I HAD to go in because I had left some things until the last minute. I planned to reevaluate my health around lunch time and maybe go home early. I got in at 7:10, half-assed my way through the last bit of clean-up, and went to the staff meeting at 8:00. After the meeting, I went to talk to my assistant principal to ask if I could leave at lunch, and she encouraged me (or rather forced me) to leave at that moment (8:30). So, after a very abbreviated last day, I started my summer vacation on the couch. Rockin’.

Yesterday, Paul and I had planned a day of start-of-summer fun. We went to the library and got our library cards, walked around the mall, and then went to lunch at Pizza Hut (one of Paul’s childhood traditions). We also picked up some artwork for the kitchen at Home Goods. Our poor walls have been bare for so long. I’m excited to get something up!

Anyway, the point of this story is that I wasn’t expecting much of a loss today either, but it turns out I was down 1.0 pound. Woohoo. It’s about stinkin’ time!

Last Week’s Weight Loss: -0.2

Total Weight Loss: -4.4

This Week’s Weight Loss: -1.0

Total Weight Loss: -5.4

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