Active August


I was supposed to get up and go for a run this morning, but sleep was much more appealing (as usual). As I sat drinking my coffee and watching Regis and Kelly and The Price is Right, I had resigned myself to my usual laziness for the rest of the day just because I missed my run. With a predicted heat index in the triple digits (gross), I knew there was no way I was going out for any form of physical activity after 11. Then the self-loathing kicked in (I’ve been having some low-self-image days lately, largely due to a plateau in the weight loss department coupled with some particularly bad eating days this weekend) and I decided something needed to change. So, I’ve come up with a challenge for myself:

Active August

For the month of August, I will be active every day. For the next 31 days, I will do at least 20 minutes of physical activity every day, whether it’s cardio, toning, or both. It could be running, walking, gardening, lifting weights, Shredding, doing pilates, doing a workout on OnDemand, playing tennis, going to the gym, whatever. Just something.

I’ve also decided to track my measurements this month. The weight loss has stalled for the time being, and while I figure out what to do (whether I want to call my current weight “goal,” or if I want to try to lose the last 5 lbs.), I’m going to focus on toning and getting my body to where I want it so I can actually (hopefully) feel good about myself. Since I have so much trouble seeing the changes, I thought that seeing the change in numbers might help me realize how much my body has changed/is changing.

I kicked off Active August with two 20-minute cardio kickboxing workouts on OnDemand today. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back to my running plan.

Anyone feel like joining me in this challenge? 31 days, 20 minutes (at least) of physical activity every day. I could use some workout buddies, even if they’re long-distance! 🙂

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  1. Yay! Go you and Active August! Not doing anything so official, but am committed to at least 5 days at the gym per week. So far so good! Trying for a minimum of 40 minutes of cardio each visit and am documenting each visit/tracking what I eat (not calories, just all snacks/drinks etc…seems to keep me on track a little more).

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