Active August: 8/1 – 8/7

  • Monday, 8/1: Two 20-minute OnDemand total-body kickboxing work outs (Total: 40 min.)
  • Tuesday, 8/2: OnDemand AM Standing Abs – 10 minutes; OnDemand 10 min. Cardio Blast (Total: 20 min.)
  • Wednesday, 8/3: 30 minute jog/walk (Total: 30 min.) (Plus walking around Geneva Commons for 2 1/2 hours…. Does shopping count?)
  • Thursday, 8/4: OnDemand Pilates Fit – 30 minutes; OnDemand Zumba Merehop – 5 min. (Total: 35 min.)
  • Friday, 8/5: 30 minute jog/walk (Total: 30 min.)
  • Saturday, 8/6: 30 minute jog/walk (Total: 30 min.)
  • Sunday, 8/7: SELF Magazine toning circuits (Total: 20 min.)
  • Week’s total: 205 min.

Notes on the week…. I really like the OnDemand kickboxing workouts, but wish they were a little longer. I feel like I have to do 2 just to get a good burn, but the pause between the workouts kills me because my energy level drops so much. I was so happy to get back out running on Wednesday, but wish I could have enjoyed it more. It was SO muggy and my back was killing me from the new workouts I did Monday and Tuesday. As for the Zumba…yeah. I have avoided going to the Zumba classes at the fitness center because I’m afraid of looking like a total moron. My fears were confirmed Thursday. I totally lack the coordination for Zumba. Ugh. I’m glad I experimented in the privacy of my own living room…. I will say, though, that the 5 minute preview on OnDemand had me sweating more than the 30 minutes of pilates I had done before that. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll give it another shot some day. Maybe…. 😉

Hope you’re having a lovely Active August!

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