Active August: 8/8 – 8/14

  • Monday, 8/8: 30 minute jog/walk (Total: 30 min.)
  • Tuesday, 8/9: 30 minute walk (Total: 30 min.)
  • Wednesday, 8/10: 30 minute jog/walk (Total: 30 min.)
  • Thursday, 8/11: SELF Magazine Toning Circuits (Total: 20 min.)
  • Friday, 8/12: 30 minute jog/walk (Total: 30 min.)
  • Saturday, 8/13: 30 minute jog/walk (Total: 30 min.)
  • Sunday, 8/14: 25 minute walk (Total: 25 min.)
  • Week’s Total: 195 min.
  • Month’s Total: 400 min.

Notes on the week….

Monday’s run was a disappointment. I switched from the WW 5k prep plan to the Couch to 5k plan (because I felt that the C25k plan would do a better job of preparing me). I jumped right in at week 3, figuring it was pretty close to where I was in the other plan. I had some trouble in the last running stretch, but maybe it was just due to the hills. I took a different route Monday, and I always seemed to be running uphill and walking downhill. Not fair, universe. Not fair and not cool.

Tuesday I took a walk through Lake Arlington Park, which is my happy place. Wish I lived closer…but it’s a 35-45 minute drive (but just down the road from work, so I foresee many post-work runs there this fall).

Wednesday’s run was the same schedule of running/walking as Monday’s but it was infinitely better. I took my normal route (the one with no hills…stinkin’ hills), plus it was only 61 degrees. I was actually cold for the first half of the run, wishing that I had put on long sleeves. The only downside to Wednesday was that my Nike+ crapped out on me so I couldn’t track the run. Grr. I really hope that it’s not dead….

I felt like being lazy on Thursday. I like that my lazy is now “20 minutes of weights,” vs. the old lazy which was “sit on my butt.”

Friday was a tad disappointing, given how great Wednesday’s run was. I had side-stitches (which I haven’t had in ages) and no endurance. I made it through the run just fine, but was definitely not feeling as great as Wednesday. I’m just going to chalk it up to whatever is going on with my respiratory system right now. Cold? Allergies? Who knows.

Sunday’s walk almost didn’t happen, if I’m being honest. The cold/allergies/awfulness that’s ruining the last bits of my summer has moved into my throat. That combined with a bit too much vino Saturday night (always fun times with the family…happy birthday, dad), an early morning, a 3-hour drive, and a late afternoon grocery trip, almost meant no walk. But the weather was SO perfect that we couldn’t stay home.

After two full weeks, I really am noticing some differences. My pants are pretty loose (well, these pants are always too big, but they’re biggER now), I lost 2 pounds at my weigh-in on Saturday morning, and running is becoming enjoyable again (though I think that’s due mostly to the gorgeous weather in the mornings). I’m really going to miss my morning runs when I have to start working again on Thursday. I already wake up at 5:15 for work…I’m not going to wake up at 4:30 just to run. Crazy. So, only two more morning runs before it’s all over. Let’s hope they’re good ones!

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  1. Yay! You just keep rockin’ it!

    I hear you. I also get up at 5:15 and any earlier has been deemed downright impossible in my mind.

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