Ups and Downs


Today was the second full day of school for the kiddies, and also the wrap-up assembly for our PBIS program. Every year, they have a contest between a 6th grader, a 7th grader, and an 8th grader to see who can name the most staff members (teachers, aides, student teachers, interns, support staff…everyone). Every year, I end up being “Mrs. Umm…. Pass” by each student. This year was no different. Okay, well, the 6th grader knew my name, but I’m pretty sure that was because I showed him my ID because I felt badly that he didn’t know anyone. Just once, I’d like it if my Assistant Principal would pull a SpEd kid from the crowd so I could get some props!

On the plus side, on their way out of the gym after the assembly, two of my 8th grade boys smiled and waved to me. My heart swelled knowing that they are not too cool for speech (or too cool to say high to the SLP). For the past two years, my 8th graders have taken that attitude with me. I might as well be invisible in any public settings. It’s cool, they’re 13/14, and they don’t want to look different. I get it. But this 8th grade class means so much to me. They’re the first class that I’ve seen all three years. We started at this school together. Plus, they’re just a bunch of great kids. I am going to lose. it. at graduation this year.

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