Running is easier when you aren’t surrounded by dead fish…


I didn’t mention this in my last Active August update, but Wednesday’s run was miserable not just because of the heat, the muscle pain, and the side stitch. No, it was awful for another, very smelly reason. Hundreds of dead fish. Lovely. Of course, we didn’t realize this before going, otherwise I’m sure we would have gone elsewhere.

Anywho, I repeated Wednesday’s run today, sans extreme heat and dead fish stink, and was able to complete it. So huzzah for me. I’m planning on staying on that workout for Monday and Wednesday, too, and then moving on Friday. I’m just so grateful that the temperatures are decreasing this week. And I’m grateful that I’ll get to have another morning run on Monday. Missing my morning runs….

In other news, I got a haircut yesterday. Figured it was time, since it hadn’t been cut since March…. The cut is great, and I really like it. But somehow, the hair-washing sink bruised the back of my head. Rockin’.

Paul and I are headed to Galena tomorrow for a day trip. Really excited to be there when it isn’t freezing cold…. Have a good 3-day weekend!

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