What the hell, body?


While on my miserable suck-fest of a run today, I had a post all planned out. But now, 1 hour post-run, I’m just tired and disappointed and (almost) beyond caring.

Basically, Friday’s run was bad. Really bad. I was supposed to run 25 minutes, no walking. I made it 18 minutes before I had to stop and walk the rest. It was either stop and walk home, or pound on someone’s door and ask them if I could use their bathroom because my stomach had all of a sudden decided it hated me…and the apple I fed it before running.

So, I took Saturday and Sunday off. We were out of town for the weekend, and I thought maybe my body was tired since I’d been pushing it a lot lately. While talking with my brother (a “retired” marathon runner) Sunday morning, I mentioned my issues from Friday. He suggested switching up my pre-run fuel (which I had planned to do anyway), and said I should try having some whole wheat toast 45 minutes before my run.

Flash forward to this evening. I had another 25-minute run scheduled. At 4:45, I ate a couple of pieces of light whole wheat toast, drank some water, and waited 45 minutes. I set out on my run and within a few minutes (as in, I hadn’t even gotten past my 5-minute warm-up walk), I had heart burn. During the run, my entire body felt like lead and I had no energy and no endurance. My breathing was erratic and I just couldn’t gain control of it. I made it 6 minutes before I had to walk. I jogged and walked for the rest of the work out, with my jogging intervals less than 4 minutes at a time. I had some rockin’ side stitches, too. At one point, all I wanted to do was cry. It was just so frustrating. I know my body has been capable of more in the past. I don’t understand why, all of a sudden, I can’t do something that I’ve been doing for the past week and a half, let alone make any sort of progress.

Whatever. I’m over it (no I’m not). I’m going to try again tomorrow, since today turned out to be more of a walk anyway, and I think I’ll try protein before the run. Apple and peanut butter, here I come.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about Six-Day September, yeah…I’ve been listening to my body a little more this month and have taken a couple of days off here and there. I think I’m going to scrap that idea and focus on running and figuring out what’s going on with my body this month.

Any other suggestions or advice? I need as much as I can get….

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  1. Hi! Just saw your blog by accident. I’ve struggled with similar problems a lot, where I’ll do really well for a few days and then suddenly I can’t do the same one day. Seems like it’s a pretty normal occurrence when you’re trying to get IN shape, but I’m not sure how fit you are or how long you’ve been doing this.

    My advice would be to take each day as it comes and don’t beat yourself up too much if you can’t go as hard as you want it. our bodies know pretty well what they can and can’t do, but just make sure it’s your body telling you to stop and not your head!

    Good luck with everything 🙂

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