Nap for the Win


Today was my day to run after work with my co-worker. I was at a workshop all day (loved it), and she had a Poms clinic after school until 4:30/5:00. At about 2:00, while at my workshop, I got a blinding headache (literally…my vision was blurred. It rocked). So, I e-mailed her and bailed on our run in favor of coming home and laying down. I had every intention of laying down for a few minutes and then running when I felt better. I got home at 4:20ish and went straight for the couch. Paul called at 4:45 on his way home. And then all of a sudden it was 5:53 and I had no idea what happened. Whoops.

I’m feeling a little guilty for skipping the run. It’s the first scheduled run I’ve skipped for reasons other than thunderstorms or obscene heat. Not even dead fish stink kept me from running (though it probably would have if I had known about it before getting to the park…). Oh well. I’ll reschedule for tomorrow. I’m feeling more guilty for bailing on Melissa than I am for skipping the actual run, I guess. But it happens. Looks like I’m running tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Bleh.

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