Race Day Forecast


Tomorrow is race day. Pumpkin Stampede, here I come. Running this past week went pretty well. I never did run a full 3.1 miles (I fell ~.4 short), but I feel ready. I know that the race atmosphere will boost my adrenaline and I’ll be able to power through to the end. I am a little nervous though. Plus, Wednesday, I pulled a muscle in my left hip and yesterday, my left knee started hurting pretty badly. Great.

But here’s my real issue. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning.


BAH! Stop it! Stop it right now!

I do not run in rain. It rained for an entire week and I only ran one morning before the rain was supposed to start. I do not run in rain. I do not like being cold and wet. So, I consulted Runner’s World. Here’s what they came up with:

Shorts? SHORTS?! No. I don’t think so. I only wear shorts to run when it’s 85+. Tomorrow will be 45. No shorts. Crazy Runner’s World. You need another drop-down menu to select your gender. Or perhaps your level of wussiness. So, pray that the rain holds off (or stops early) and that I stay dry and warm. See you on the other side.

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