5 Miles


Guess whose shins hurt after not running for 2 1/2 weeks? Ugh.

I did a slow (SLOOOOOOW) 5k on Saturday–lots of walking thrown in there. My stomach was trying to break free from my body, and my sinuses were ready to go with it, so all in all, Saturday’s run was yet another miserable suckfest.

I woke up Sunday morning thinking I’d go out again, but could barely move. My shins and my hips hurt so much, so I took the day off.

This morning, I was feeling considerably better, so I bundled up and went out for a 5-mile run to gauge how long Thursday’s Turkey Trot would take. I felt a lot better while running–didn’t have any stomach issues and my sinuses are starting to clear up (after nearly 3 weeks of being clogged…ack), but I still needed to walk a bit. I just wanted to make sure that I would be capable of finishing in under an hour. I finished today’s 5 miles in 1:01:11, which is super slow, I know, but I’m clearly not running to win anything. Now I have a time to beat on Thursday morning. I should be able to do it, considering this morning’s run included a 5-minute warm up walk. I’m hoping to get in one more 5-miler either tomorrow or Wednesday. Let’s hope my shins and my foot stop hurting by then.

Oh yeah, my foot hurts a lot when I run (after about 3 miles). I know this is bad, and if it persists after Thursday, I will see a doctor, because it’s probably something awesome like a stress fracture. Or maybe I just tied my shoelaces too tight. 😛

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