Angry noises….


Today is not a happy day, my friends. Not happy at all.

Every year, I make cranberries for Thanksgiving dinner. For the past two years now, they’ve been too soupy. I very very carefully measured everything out today to make sure I wasn’t adding too much liquid. I even measured out the cranberries. But alas, I ended up with cranberry soup. I just hope it sets up tonight. Cross your fingers for me.

While I was waiting for the cranberries to cool, I decided to go for a quick 2.5 mile jog. WORST. RUN. EVER. I’m serious. I haven’t had a run go that badly since I first started running this summer. I ran for the first mile-ish, and then was having so much trouble breathing that I had to walk almost all of the remaining 1.5 miles. I couldn’t even run for 1/4-mile stretches. It was miserable. Just rotten. I’m going to potentially blame the sports bra I was wearing. It was new, and seemed to be extra compression-y, which maybe restricted my breathing too much. I’m hoping that’s it, anyway, because if these issues come up again tomorrow, I’m going to be out there running all through Thanksgiving dinner. Grumble grumble.

But since I don’t want to leave on such Negative Nancy Notes, here are two positives:

1. There is pumpkin ale in my (very near) future.

2. 101 Dalmations is on ABC Family right now (the live-action film, not the animated Disney classic), and Hugh Laurie plays one of the villains. Love it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

OMG. Positive note #3: The other villain is Mr. Weasley (Mark Williams)! HA!

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