Just because you can…


Hello, poor neglected blog. Sorry it’s been so long.

Here’s a quick update:

-My Thanksgiving cranberries turned out just fine.

-I finished the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving within my goal time of 1 hour. It would’ve been quicker, but I was having serious stomach issues, which led to serious motivation issues. But, whatever.

-I haven’t been running since Thanksgiving. Oops.

So, anyway, I’ve been doing a bit of crocheting lately. I made a couple of blankets for Paul’s grandmothers for Christmas:

For Grandma A.

For Grandma L.

And I made the cuuuuutest owl hat for my new nephew:


(Pattern for the hat found here.)

Since I’ve been crocheting more, I’ve been looking for more patterns, which has led me to this conclusion: Just because you can crochet/knit something, doesn’t mean you should. Case in point: crocheted bikini. Really? Gross. Just gross. I had a talk with my aunt about a similar issue. It’s perfectly fine to crochet things for babies and little kids because they’re cute on their own merit. You could put them in a burlap bag and they’d still be adorable. But adults should not necessarily wear their own crocheted creations. Sometimes it’s just better to buy the sweater or the purse at the mall….

On that same note, I tried to make a cute little ruffle hat for my friend’s baby (well, she’s over 1…can I really call her a baby anymore?). I followed the instructions for the 12 month – 2T size and the hat is GIGANTIC. It fits my head. This hat for a baby = adorable. This hat for a 20-something woman = ehhhh. Maybe someone will buy it at a craft show….

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