I’m Not a Resolutioner, I Swear!


So, I joined a new gym yesterday. The park district was just too expensive, and the facility was too far out of the way to be worthwhile, so I joined a cheaper, more convenient gym. I wanted to join ages ago, but didn’t because we had to wait until now to cancel our membership with the park district. Plus, I really wanted to take advantage of the New Year’s Resolution pricing. Heck yes, no sign up fees!

I went for the first time after work today, and it didn’t get terribly busy until I was close to being done, so that gives me hope for not having to wait for treadmills. Speaking of the treadmills, they all have their own TVs! Yessss! High tech. The park district gym was so rinky-dink. They only had 5 treadmills to begin with, and they were all different. Haha.

Tonight, I backtracked a bit to the C25k program, just to ease back into things. I did a slow workout: 5 minute warm up, 3x (1/2 mile run, 1/4 mile walk), 5 minute cool down. It felt good to be moving again, and the workout wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated. So, maybe I didn’t lose as much as I thought during my month-and-a-half-long hiatus from physical activity. Unless you count lifting food to my mouth as physical activity. No? Rats.

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  1. Nice (love the title haha). I think individual TVs are completely necessary. I’m being cheap and using my apartment’s free gym right now, but if I didn’t have my iPad with Netflix along for the ride…would NOT work. Far too used to the personal TV! Happy workin’ out 🙂

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