Just what I needed


This post requires some back story:

I have one particular student, A, who likes to call me by my maiden name. I have known this student for 3 years, and of those 3 years, he has known me by my maiden name for only 2 months. But it’s fine. We have fun with it. In fact, earlier in the year, I joked that I knew he wasn’t feeling well because he used my married name when asking to go to the nurse.

Anyway, one other student, B, (who doesn’t speak much, and who doesn’t always have much functional language) has started emulating him, and calls me Miss [Maiden Name]. Love it. He doesn’t say much to me otherwise, so I love that he jokes with me in this way.

So, last Thursday, while working with B, I noticed that he was quieter than usual. I asked him a couple of times if he was tired. “No.” I asked if the activity was too hard and he was upset. “No.” Hmm. Okay. About 20 minutes after I left him, I saw him walking up to the office with a teacher, and he was out sick the next day. Aha! So I started thinking that I needed to make sure he knew he could ask me to go to the nurse, etc., when he needed to.

Today, I saw him and said, “Hey, B, did you go home sick last Thursday after speech?”

B: “Yes.”

Me: “B! You know you could have said something to me! You could have said, ‘Mrs. [Married Name], I don’t feel well. Can I go to the nurse?'”

B: (with mischievous grin) “No I couldn’t. You’re Miss [Maiden Name]!”

I love this kid so much it’s ridiculous.

Hope someone brought a smile to your face today, too. đŸ™‚

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