Well that’s a first…


Just got home from the gym. On a Sunday afternoon. Haven’t done that in…well…ever. It was busy when I first got there (~1:30ish), but there were only 4 people on the cardio machines when I left at 2:15. So, now we know that Sundays are a good day to hit the treadmill.

The only downfall of running on a Sunday was that the ONLY thing on TV was sports. Oh, and Fox News. Thank goodness for WGN, though. I watched Tuck Everlasting while running today. I’ve never seen it, nor have I read the book. How did my pre-adolescent self miss that book? I read all the time when I was younger, and probably would have loved that one. Oh well. Add it to the reading list. Something to recommend to my middle schoolers. *EDIT: Just finished the movie. Why can no one write a book with a happy ending? WTF? Kids can’t handle this kind of emotional turmoil. Bridge to Terabithia? I cried EVERY time I read that book. BAH! 

Anywho… It was an expensive weekend in our house. My car went in for an oil change and new brakes, and then Paul bought a new car. Yeah. That was unexpected. We’d talked for a while about trading his car in, but it happened rather suddenly yesterday. He got an incredibly good deal on the new car (as well as an insane amount of money for his old car), and couldn’t quite turn it down. I don’t blame him. I’m just happy because the new car has butt warmers. Heck yes.

Off to clean up and do domestic kinds of things that I’ve been putting off all weekend. Hooray for institute day tomorrow–off to learn about stuttering interventions. I’m a little too excited about it. 🙂

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  1. Yay for a Sunday workout! Hopefully will go do that soon.

    Have fun at the stuttering intervention workshop—I could definitely use that.

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