Again, see what happens?


Headed to the gym after work today to get in some time on the treadmill. The weather was beautiful, but I was afraid that if I went home to get outdoor running gear, I wouldn’t go back out. So, treadmill it was.

The gym was really busy today–the busiest I’ve seen it. I know their New Year promotion ends tomorrow, so maybe people were taking last-minute advantage of it. Still managed to get a treadmill…just one facing directly into the sun.

So, I started up my treadmill program and turned on my iPod and started a new Nike+ workout…and the receiver wouldn’t recognize the sensor. Aaargh! I’ve been wondering for a while now when the battery on the sensor would die, and after 3.5 years…I think it finally did. Time to order a new one, I guess. I was planning on running outside tomorrow, too, but tracking distance is going to be tough. Bah.

On the bright side, my house smells amaaaazing. Pot of chicken noodle soup is on the stove. Can’t wait to eat it…. Only half an hour left….

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