Color me confused


Hit the gym this afternoon. It was a cross-training day, so I wasn’t planning on running. But, out of curiosity, I jumped on the treadmill to try to re-link my Nike+ sensor to see if it would work and be recognized today. And somehow, it did. So, whatever. I did 15 minutes on the treadmill and then switched to the elliptical. I HATE THE ELLIPTICAL. OMG. I was annoyed after 30 seconds. Seriously. I knew I should have just gone home and gone for a walk instead. But it had started to sprinkle and I didn’t want to get caught in rain. Next time I’ll just take my chances. How did I ever tolerate the elliptical before? Uuuugggggh. I guess the bright side of this is that I finally like running…?

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  1. To be fair, I’ve never been on an elliptical for more than a minute ha…but ick. Not a fan. Yay for the sensor working!

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