Finally managed to get in a good workout yesterday. There were still some minuses, though….

Plus: The gym was empty yesterday. I had my choice of treadmills. Huzzah!

Minus: I managed to choose the treadmill whose TV didn’t work. Also, the TV seemed loose, and was rattling around the entire time. I was afraid it was going to come crashing down on me.

Plus: My right knee has been giving me some trouble the past few days, but it held up really well during my run.

Minus: Instead, my left knee decided to hurt.

Plus: My workout went really smoothly and I felt really great endurance-wise.

Minus: I had to go to the bathroom the entire run. Sorry, TMI, but don’t you hate when that happens?

Taking the day off today was absolutely the right choice. Starting to feel a wee bit under the weather. Hoping it’s just because I spent some time outside at the outlets, but playing it safe and staying in tonight so I’m feeling fine tomorrow for the Super Bowl (because I care so much…).

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