A Break From Life


This has been an overwhelming week, filled with 4 IEP meetings (2 of which I’m running tomorrow, and one of those is a domain/eligibility/annual review combo), lots of report-writing, test-scheduling, freaking out over every little thing, and regular everyday life. So, I have taken a break from all things outside of the absolutely necessary. This has meant not going to the gym, not cooking dinner, and eating a loooot of junk. Ohhh the junk. Hello Ben and Jerry. I’ve missed you.

All in all, I feel pretty okay about taking the week off from life. Not obsessing over points, not worrying about getting to the gym, and not feeling overwhelmed by having to make dinner, clean up, pack lunch, etc… was a welcome change this week. I am, however, really looking forward to getting back to the gym on Saturday (would go tomorrow, but am working at my school’s charity basketball game tomorrow evening…followed by eating pie…), eating healthy foods again, and feeling good about myself again. Yeah, there’s always a catch. Taking  a break from life has also meant taking a break from feeling good about myself. But, c’est la vie. I’ve made my bed. Must lie in it.

Oooh bed. Sounds delightful. Goodnight!

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