Riddle me this, Batman….


After taking the week off from life (and especially from eating healthy/exercising), I managed to lose half a pound. Yep. Don’t understand. 

In other news, you must go make this now. Okay, maybe not right now, but soon. Tomorrow. I made it for dinner tonight and it was SO so good. Plus, it pretty much makes enough to feed your entire neighborhood for a month. Love only cooking once per week. (I’m so happy that Paul is a creature of habit and doesn’t mind eating the same thing over and over again.) Made a couple of changes: I used turkey sausage instead of pork sausage, and I mixed in a little extra tomato sauce (maybe ~3/4 cup) because it just wasn’t very saucy. Oh and perhaps the best part is that the serving sizes are really generous. Usually pasta dishes give you 1 cup per serving, which never seems to be enough, but this was 1 3/4 cups. So much food! Mmmmm. So in conclusion, go make it. And thank me later. 

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